Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 23rd

I did manage to finish the graphical user interface (GUI) for my program today, although I'm not sure if it is exactly what Vlad wanted...after making multiple attempts at doing a more complex GUI, with a menu and whatnot, I eventually gave up (only because its very hard to make that kind of GUI in the Model View Controller format; it isn't too hard to make that kind of GUI in general) and opted for a simpler method of just using a series of dialog boxes, which might be a little too simple.

Anyway, I finished that a little after lunch, but I couldn't actually check that with Vlad or move onto a new project, because both Vlad and Jake are out of town, so there was no-one to ask for a new assignment. I emailed them both, and spent the majority of the afternoon tweaking my program and waiting for a response, which I didn't get.

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