Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 10th

Today I [finally] got  computer, so now I can start actually learning Java. Trying to teach it to myself from a book was not working too well; it is much better to be able to use a computer and experiment with the coding. Right after I got my computer, Vlad (the college student who seems to be "in charge" of my project) found me and gave me a detailed list of instructions on how I should go about teaching myself, which so far has made doing so a lot easier. The instructions pointed me to a selection of tutorials on, which I have begun going through, and I've found them quite helpful so far.

For lunch today, there was free pizza at a weekly "Seminar Series" which happens every Wednesday. The seminar consisted of 3 "TED Talks" videos, all of which were interesting. After that, the Insight Lab people did  a "learning exchange", in which we were all paired up with another researcher, and discussed our projects.

Sometime after lunch, a few of the other interns and I helped move a ton of equipment to the basement of the CIS for a clean room that a student is setting up. Apparently, next week we interns will be helping in the construction of the clean room, which should be fun, although it will certainly be a lot of work.

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