Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 17th

Once again, I got a lot done today. By lunchtime, I had finished the command line program completely, despite running into more challenges in finishing it up than I thought I would run into at the end of the day yesterday.

For lunch, there was the weekly summer seminar series again - the movie we watched this time was entitled the Zen Art of Presentation ... needless to say, it was somewhat less interesting than last week's TED Talks. However, the free food made it more than worth it.

After the presentation, I had a meeting with Vlad, in which he explained Model-View-Controller, and exactly what I will be doing with it. Basically, I have to rewrite my command line program in a different [cleaner] format (called Model-View-Controller, or MVC), and after that I will change it from a command line interface to a graphical user interface (putting it into the MVC format will theoretically make it a lot easier to do). I spent the rest of the day trying to rewrite my program...thus far it has been pretty difficult, so I'm sure that is all I will be doing tomorrow.

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