Friday, August 2, 2013

July 31st

I worked solely on my GUI again guess is that is essentially all I will be doing for the next week today. I got several of the buttons to "do things"; thanks to the Java plug-in Jacob showed me, doing that is quite easy. However, I do have to keep things in a certain format (it still has to be in Model-View-Controller), and the plug-in doesn't actually let you do anything as far as giving the buttons actions, so it does still take some time to make sure everything is how Vlad wants it.

I also went to the summer seminar series again today....this time it was a series of short videos on "elevator speeches" - some of the videos were on how to give elevator speeches (essentially 2-minute sales pitches asking someone for something very concisely), and the other videos were of examples of elevator speeches. Some of the examples were very impressive - it was actually very informative, overall.

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